Friday, February 09, 2007

Diet: Day 1

Well, I have put off starting this for long enough. Originally the date was February 1, then I decided to wait until after Superbowl Sunday, then I decided to wean myself off caffeine before starting the actual anyways, here I am.

It's definitely time for this, as I'm at around the heaviest I've ever been. Having a car is nice but not walking has made more weight creep exercise (which I haven't been doing enough of) is called for also...but first I'll get the diet on track. I will miss beer, but it will still be there when I'm done with my initial, strict first phase.


Marvo said...

There's always light beer.

Good luck with the diet!

Chuck said...

Marvo - Light beer will play a key feature in my long-term diet success, I believe. So far, things are going well. Thanks for the encouragement!

Suldog said...

No beer.

(Something doesn't quite make sense.)

No... Beer?

(Nah, that can't be right.)

No... BEER?!?

Well, Chuck, I never pegged you for an atheist, but I guess the evidence is clear. No beer. What a shame.

Chuck said...

Suldog - Yup, it's true, on day 5 with no beer. Actually, Diet Dr. Pepper was harder to give up (the "no caffeine" part.) Anytime I have a craving for any particular food, I remind myself, hey, it will still be there when my diet is done...