Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Hello Again!

Yes, still here, still not writing enough. Oh well. Been fairly busy this week with training for a volunteer program (more about that later) and working some OT. This weekend, I am heading to spend the weekend with a relative (driving instead of flying, for a change) and attending a meeting for an industry group I'm involved with. So, I have not disappeared, or been swallowed up by the big city.

Speaking of the big city, it does appear that in the name of urban development, my current apartment complex will soon be going the way of the's being redeveloped. Doesn't really surprise me since this place was built before I was born and the real estate in this area has become rather valuable of late. However, my building is not one of the ones that will be torn down until Phase II of the redevelopment project...which could be a couple of years away. Everyone in buildings that will be torn down for Phase I has to leave by the end of June.

Let's see, other has been kind of cold and rainy, but the winters here are definitely better than Wisconsin! Rain is better than snow, unless you're going skiing. I'm planning on starting a diet next month (no caffeine or beer in the first stage of it, so I'll be rather grouchy I'm afraid.) .

Oh, and I just found out something interesting...a couple of years ago I interviewed for a position with a Department of Energy contractor that operated their aircraft fleet (the planes were owned by the DOE, but the pilots, maintenance, etc. were provided by the contractor.) It wasn't traditional airline dispatching, but it paid decently, and I liked it also in large part because of where it was located, in my hometown. They mentioned they were still trying to get a new contract with the DOE but I figured that it would be a fairly secure position, since they'd had a contract of some sort with the DOE since 1970 or so. The interview seemed to go fairly well, but I never got a job offer, to my disappointment. However, I just found out that company LOST their DOE contract and have been replaced by an operation based in Michigan (who is under no obligation to hire any of the old contractor's employees.) Sometimes, you have to be thankful for the job offers you don't get.

More updates by next week.

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