Wednesday, December 13, 2006

We never celebrate like this where I work...

Just found this item in the excerpt appears below:

Camel sacrifice shocks Turkish Airlines

ANKARA, Turkey (AFP) — Turkish Airlines took swift disciplinary action Wednesday after it emerged that members of its technical staff had sacrificed a camel to celebrate getting their job done.

Maintenance workers all pitched in to buy the beast to mark the long-awaited dispatch to Britain of the last of 11 RJ100 aircraft which Turkish decided to leave out of its fleet due to a series of accidents involving the planes.

The camel was sacrificed Tuesday at Istanbul's Ataturk airport and about 1,540 pounds of meat was distributed among the staff.

Perhaps this would be a good way for me and my fellow airline employees to show our happiness at finally starting to make a profit again...but I think we'll probably just stick to doing potluck lunches occasionally.


Suldog said...

You know, maybe both parties would be satisfied in future if, instead of an actual camel, they used Camel cigarettes. One pack would last for 20 sacrifices! You can't eat them, though; I guess that would be a downside.

Chuck said...

Suldog - cigarettes would definitely be less messy.