Saturday, December 30, 2006


Sorry about the blog being in semi-non active mode recently. There is a reason for it which I hope to post more about today or, on to this morning's post.

I am not a huge James Brown fan, but I am a music fan, and there can be no denying the influence he had on a vast variety of music over his lifetime. Therefore, I thought it would be nice to include a YouTube link to a short film he appeared in that I found rather amusing.

This is from BMW's "The Hire" series of short I guess in one sense it could be considered a commercial, but it's a very entertaining one.


Marvo said...

I remember those shorts from BMW. My favorite one was "The Star" with Madonna. It was directed by her husband.

Chuck said...

Marvo - I agree that "The Star" was the funniest one. My favorite was the one John Woo directed called "Hostage."