Monday, December 04, 2006


First...apologies for not posting more. I will try a couple quick posts here to get the ball rolling. Nothing majorly wrong going on, no illnesses or car crashes...just been (1) a lazy blogger and (2) out of town, visiting my Mom's house. Of course, I could blog from there if I wanted to but that brings back to (1) me being lazy. Anyhow....

Last week at work, before I went to my Mom's place, our union, in what is evidently a holiday tradition, bought three LARGE (bushel-sized) bags of nuts upstairs for everyone to snack on. There was a bag of salted peanuts, one of unsalted peanuts, and one bag full of mixed nuts (walnuts, brazil nuts, etc.)

I could make several observations about this...we're all nuts to work in the airline industry, it helps to have a hard shell to work here, we're a group of mixed nuts, we work for peanuts, and it helps to take things in this industry with a grain of salt.

I liked the salted peanuts but the brazil nuts are really good also. However, they are one tough nut to crack...and that could be an analogy for getting on with a major airline, a feat that took me over ten years.

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