Monday, December 04, 2006

100 Facts in 100 Days #8

Time to get this series rolling again. OK, random factoid about me for today is...I have gray hair. Not that it's uncommon for someone in their late thirties, but I've been getting gray hair since I was 16 (which is before I started shaving.)

My gray hair first became noticeable after I went into the Air Force and finished basic training (go figure) due to a "shock" of gray that I have above my right temples. That is still there, but lots of other gray has started to creep in over the years, not that it's really noticeable other than making my hair color look like a lighter shade of brown.

I really don't mind the color change much, but it's harder to style gray hair than non-gray hair (something about the texture of gray hair) so I just end up using a lot of pomade on it. Believe me, given a choice between gray hair and no hair, I much prefer gray hair. And after being in the military and the airline industry for the past fifteen plus years, I feel I've definitely earned every one of them.


Suldog said...

Well, glad to see you're back with the living, Chuck! By the way, insofar as hair is concerned? Better grey than gone away...

Chuck said...

Suldog - DEFINITELY better to still have hair, yes.