Thursday, October 05, 2006

A Break From The Facts...

...but just a temporary break. More facts to come shortly!

Sorry I've been in non-blogging mode for a few days, but I just got back from a symposium put on by the Airline Dispatchers Federation which was very interesting. There's a lot of stuff happening in the rulesmaking process for aviation, in the US as well as other countries, that goes on "behind the scenes," and the ADF symposiums help keep me up to date about what's happening. I hope to become more involved with the ADF this year; we'll see how things go.

I saw lots of new flight planning/monitoring software products at the symposium that were really cool. Of course, being a new dispatcher at the Rather Large Airline, I have almost no input into what software products the RLA decides to buy. I do plan on talking up my favorites of the ones I saw demonstrated, though. I also went into chotchke-grabbing mode, collecting pens, lanyards, and whatever other goodies the vendors were offering. Hey, I need them to remember the names of the vendors' companies, right?

Also duuring the symposium, my new (used) car's air conditioning decided to quit. Since this isn't really an optional item to have in Texas (even in October) I did a bit of poking around and discovered that my AC fan belt was missing. After a bit of searching, I found a new fan belt for under $5, but I lacked the tools to put it on myself. Actually, even if I'd had the tools, it would have taken me all day to do it, because frankly, auto mechanics is not my strong point. So, I found a shop that was willing to put it on for $50, which I thought was fair. I was just glad it wasn't anything serious.

The owner of the auto shop was Korean, and most of the reading material in the waiting area was written in Korean. He had a magnetic darts set out which I started playing with to kill time, since I didn't have much to choose from in way of magazine that I could understand. It had an electronic scorekeeping function. The shop owner showed me how to use it and said, "You like? I have for sale, only $59, no tax!" I opted not to become a magnetic dart set owner this time, though.

The shop finished my car in record time (under 30 minutes) so I could drive places without sweating again. It's always good to be able to make it work without needing a shower when you get there.

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