Friday, June 23, 2006

Speakerphone Hazards

Yesterday at work, there was some type of Bring Your Kid To Work Day going on, and lots of kids being taken for tours in our department. Kids can ask funny questions sometimes. One dispatcher, who was black, was attempting to explain all the things we do in our job (weather, tracking flights, etc.) and one of the kids asked him, "So, do you like rap music?"

Then, he got an inflight call from an aircraft, and decided to show how we talk to our flights by using the speakerphone to answer. When we talk to aircraft in the US, we normally use an airphone service so it's just like a regular phone call. A paraphrased conversation follows:

"RLA Dispatch."
"Hi, this is Captain X from flight such-and-such, I'd like to get an update on the weather around Chicago."
"There are some scattered storms south of there, but nothing right over the field, currently. Captain, how has your ride been so far?"
"Really shitty!"
"Um, captain, you're on speakerphone, and there are a bunch of kids here taking a tour listening in..."

(Long Pause)

Kid on tour: "Why did he say shitty?"

Everyone in the office was laughing uproariously about this one.


Thimbelle said...


"Mommy! I learned a new word at Daddy's work today! Wanna hear it?"

Chuck said...

Hey T, yes, I can imagine quite a few dinnertime discussions over this incident happening that nite...