Sunday, April 30, 2006

A Blah kind of mood...

Sorry for the downer tone of my title, I just am having trouble to get motivated to do anything productive last couple of weekends. I did find out I was suffering from allergies which may have been part of the problem, but I still can't get psyched up to finish unpacking. Today, my AC has been acting up in the apartment, and while it's fortunately not too hot yet, that has kind of sapped my energy also. Fortunately, the new apartment does appear to have very responsive maintenance, so I'll call it in tomorrow and it will hopefully be fixed by the time I get home. Had it been mid-summer here, I would have used the emergency maintenance number, but since the temperature is tolerable, I'm just saving on electricity this weekend instead.

My goals for the weekend were: work on unpacking, exercise, update my blog, do laundry, and study. So far, I'm doing my laundry right now (Sunday night!) and this is kind of a lame blog update.

I did see a doctor about the allergies and am now taking Claritin so that should help some. Part of my laziness just may be stress related to recovering FROM the move. This move was STRESSFUL. Without going in to details (yet), if I may make a suggestion to those who read this blog, avoid using a small company for your moving needs when the time comes for a long-distance move. And if you happen to peruse the Galaxy Van Lines site, run far, far away. I thought I'd save money by using them and after all was said and done, a full-service national moving company would have cost about the same amount! Oh well, live and learn. I will provide more details once I've unpacked more and can write about it without getting upset.

Training is going all right, Houston is fine, and aside from a couple minor paperwork issues at work (they seem convinced my last name is MANN JR. and not MANN which is screwing with my company email, among other things) the new company is a nice place to work. I am still waiting on a check for some relocation expenses but that's actually handled by a separate firm who I will be calling tomorrow.

OK, this makes two goals down (blog, laundry.) I'll do studying next. Unpacking and exercising probably are not going to happen this weekend, so I'll try and get a bit done each day during the week, and work out tomorrow after class.

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