Thursday, March 09, 2006

I'm back! (again)

OK, I know this blog seems to be a litany of excuses about why I don't post more. I won't offer excuses this time except to say there are reasons I wasn't feeling like writing much. More details on that possibly at some point in the future.

My new pledge is to blog something at least weekly even if it's a lame-ass, short post. So here is my lame-ass, short post for this week:

When I turned 30, I was really bothered by that age for some reason. Recently, I've thought about turning 40, which will happen in 2.5 years, and it doesn't bug me nearly as much as turning 30 did, in spite of the fact that I'm still single.

I haven't forgotten about the airline chronicles. In fact, I may be trying to post Chapter I by this weekend...but I make no promises about the posting schedule, since that seems to be a guarantee that I'll break my word.


Shafa said...

And you're fired.

Thimbelle said...

Hey - just post *anything* so that we know you aren't covered over in snow!

T. :)

Chuck said...

Shafa - it's not that easy to get rid of me. :)

Thimbelle - We had snow in the state on Thursday, but it passed to the south of where I live. We may have seen the last snow for the year (crosses fingers) but it's far from certain.