Monday, March 27, 2006

Apartment Hunting

Today I am flying to Texas to do some apartment hunting. Hopefully I can find something I like fairly quickly. My new employer is paying for my trip, which is nice. I have to remember to keep receipts.

I put in my notice at work last week, and they opted to just pay me my last two weeks salary rather than having me finish out. I'm not sure why they did that, but I'm not complaining too much. Gives me plenty of time to pack.

Bleah, I'm no good at writing early in the morning. Still trying to get into the habit of posting more often, though. At any rate, I should have more news in a few days when I get back.


Thimbelle said...

Hope you find someplace nice - and safe - to live.

Hardest part of moving to a new city is trying to find out where you "fit". Which neighborhood is right for you.
Where everything is.

Wow - in ?what? three or so weeks, you could be living in your new apartment!

Chuck said...

Thimbelle - Yup, probably be there in UNDER three weeks, actually. Details forthcoming very shortly.