Friday, February 03, 2006

Back in the (Audio) Saddle

Best Buy finally got my car audio receiver fixed. It's good to have some audio besides a cheap boombox in my car. The cheap boombox has been moved to my extra bedroom where it will get little usage, but might be nice for my infrequent overnight guests to have available (or me, if I'm working on a project at my hobby table in there.)

My car deck is Sirius radio capable, and I have the receiver installed, but I'm not a current subscriber. That may change, though, since a fellow blogger (and Egg Radio founder) AJ is getting his own show on the Playboy channel soon. I believe production starts early this month sometime.

As I mentioned to AJ, I'd let my Sirius subscription lapse due to me not using it enough. I'd love to hear his show, though, and they do have some very hiqh-quality radio (every musical genre imaginable plus lots of news, talk, etc.) so I may give them a whirl again.

Sorry about the infrequent posting of late. One of my favorite all-time big bloggers, Wil, has recently said he's going to try blogging ten minutes a day. I may try that myself, I'm not sure. One thing that is for sure is that I need to increase my posting frequency here. I think I'm too worried about making every post perfect, and I need to remind myself this is a blog, not a serial novel or something.

Look for chapter one of The Airline Chronicles (Destination: New Hampshire) to debut shortly.


Thimbelle said...

I suppose eventually I'm going to have to get around to trying out this new-fangled satellite radio business.

You've heard of "early adopters"?

That's not me...

Glad to see a new post! Can't wait for the Chronicles to begin - even 10 minutes worth at a time! :)

Chuck said...

Thimbelle - I'm sorry about the delay. I want them to be good, and I'm procrastinating about publishing until they look nice (which I shouldn't.) I'll try and have Chapter I done this week, though.