Saturday, January 14, 2006

The Sounds Of Silence

As I mentioned in a recent post, I'd been having trouble with my car stereo lately. It was most noticeable on road trips, but it had been intermittently acting up even on short drives for several months when I tried playing CD's. I had it cleaned, but to no avail. I finally scheduled an appointment at Best Buy, where I purchased it (the stereo that originally came with the car was stolen over a year ago, but that's another story.)

When I purchased this stereo, I got a four-year service agreement to go along with it. I figured, compact disc, moving parts, why take a chance. So, at the end of last month, prior to going on vacation, they pulled out the stereo. To be fixed, it had to be sent in to a service center, since Best Buy is pretty limited as to what they can repair in-store. It still wasn't back from service yet when I got home on the 7th.

It finally came back from the service center a couple days ago, and I scheduled a time today to get it put into my car. It worked great, but when I got home I noticed a hinge cover missing on the faceplate. (This is one of those models where the front cover flips open...see here for more details.)

I called the audio install people, who immediately transferred me up front, where I got put on indefinite hold. I was mad enough at this point to drive directly back to the store, where I showed it to the person who had re-installed it. He agreed that there was a did the employees up front...but unfortunately, they have to send the stereo BACK to the service center again to get it fixed.

I'm well aware that, as problems go, this is a rather minor one, but it sure is annoying. Especially after anticipating having my stereo back, finally. Oh least it's all covered by the service agreement.

In their defense, the local Best Buy service representative did try really hard to see if they could just order the part without sending the whole deck back to the service center...but they couldn't. So, I'm stuck without any car audio for another two weeks or so. Unless you count me singing out loud while I'm driving. Perhaps I'll work on my Simon and Garfunkel cover songs. Hello darkness, my old friend...

UPDATE: Rather than suffer through another two weeks with no mobile tuneage at all, I bought a cheap CD boombox at Shopko today and powered it through a transformer I already owned for my car battery (so I can just plug it in and avoid buying alkaline batteries.) Of course, the sound quality sucks compared to my regular system, and there's no anti-skip protection, but it beats just hearing engine noise while I drive around. I suppose someone might be tempted to break in to my car and steal it, but this is Wisconsin, and it's a really cheap boombox.

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