Sunday, January 08, 2006

Magazine Man Grab Bag

A few months ago, Magazine Man regaled the blogosphere with his Giveaway Of CRAP. I did bid for an item in that giveaway (see the previous link for more information) but I didn't win it. However, as MM said at the time, everyone who bid wins something. Unfortunately, due to the popularity of his Giveaway, he was unable to mail something to all the bidders until recently, over the holidays. I got my consolation prize in the mail last week, and let me tell you, for a consolation prize, it's pretty freakin' sweet:

As MM describes it, it's "something to read, something to listen to (if you can scrounge up one of those ancient devices they call a tape player) and something to wear." The "something to read" is an awesome illustrated version of a Stephen King novel. The "something to listen to" is another Stephen King goodie, an audiobook of a few short stories he wrote. I do in fact have one of those relics of ancient technology known as a Casette Player that is not hooked up to my stereo, so this gives me an excuse/motivation to do that. The "something to wear" is called a Polar Buff, really cool and very appropriate for the winter weather here in Cheeseland.

Thus, it's time to make good on my original bid/promise, which was to give away some of my own CRAP to Goodwill. But I will go above and beyond, in the spirit of giving, and find someplace to volunteer my services (I know there's an animal shelter nearby my residence) although it will probably take a week or two look at various opportunities and settle upon something. However, the Goodwill giveaway should happen much sooner, within the next day or two. Photos of that will appear here shortly.

In the spirit of personal self-improvement, unrelated to the giveaway, I'm planning on rejoining my gym today (I need to lose this weight I gained over the holidays) and starting a new series in my blog...the Airline chronicles. It may be a couple of days before that gets started, but series are a good motivation for me to write here.

I'll end this with an "action photo" of one of the many ways it is possible to wear the Polar Buff...

Hope everyone is having a great 2006!


Marvo said...

Polar Buff...I don't know if I'll ever get the chance to wear one of those. Eh, I'll just wear one anyway.

Magazine Man said...

Man you look good!

Thanks for your patience while I kept breaking your heart with empty promises to mail something. Enjoy!

Chuck said...

Marvo - They sell non-polar buffs also. Might work well as a sweatband in sunny Hawaii.

MM - I found it difficult to get impatient about something I didn't pay any money for, and it was nice getting a surprise in the mail. Thanks again for sending!