Monday, December 12, 2005

Just A Post

Nothing huge going on right now, but I wanted to make a post to get back into the habit of POSTING on this blog. I think part of my problem has been, I want to make every blog entry a major story, a big event...when, after all, it's just a blog. I need to stop trying to compare my blog to other blogs...eventually, I'll find my own voice here.

Nothing earth-shattering going on. My annoying neighbor with her annoying yappy dog has moved out, so silence reigns again next door (for now.) I have a relative travelling up to see me later this week, so that should be fun. I told him to pack warm.

I may or may not have a major announcement to make later this week. Stay tuned!

UPDATE: No major announcement forthcoming right now. If anything changes, though, I'll be sure to notify everyone who reads here (so then, all three of you will know.)

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