Monday, December 19, 2005


Something always happens every year when it gets cold up here to remind me just HOW chilly it can get. Last night after work, my car battery wouldn't start my car. Since I got off work at around one AM, this wasn't much fun. Fortunately, we have maintenance people on duty overnight, and I was able to find someone with jumper cables. Since I just had on my "driving/walk to the car" gloves instead of my heavy-duty gloves, though, I was feeling mighty frigid by the time we got the car started...seeing as the wind chill factor was close to twenty below zero. So today, it's off to the auto parts store for a new battery prior to going to work. A new battery is one of the few car maintenance tasks I feel entirely capable of handling on my own. And later this week, a "heat wave" of sorts is coming through and the temperature might actually climb above freezing! Of course, they're also forecasting freezing rain that day. Winter here does definitely make you appreciate the summer. I don't know how Packer fans manage to sit through the games this time of year at Lambeau.

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