Monday, November 07, 2005

Back to Business

The issue that has been preoccupying my time is proceeding on. I still don't want to blog about it. However, I have realized that the longer I don't post anything here, the easier it will be NOT to write anything here, so I've decided to try and move on for now, and get this blog back into a semi-active mode before it dies of neglect. Therefore I am setting a weekly goal of having at least two decent blog entries per week (this doesn't count as one of them.) I also plan on starting my "airline history" saga next week consisting of my personal experiences in this chaotic industry I've chosen to make my living in. More entries to come later this week, I promise.


Marvo said...

So any Mile High Club Stories?

Chuck said...

Sadly, Marvo, the answer to your question is no. Of course, if the answer was yes, it's likely I would have had an interesting "fired from my airline" story. I do have an interesting tail of a pre-9/11 attempted hijacking, though. I will get to it here eventually.

Thimbelle said...

:::tapping toes:::

Still waiting... ;)

T. :)