Thursday, October 13, 2005

Update from a Lazy Blogger

Sorry for those few of you who may actually be reading this blog not to have made more entries recently. Through doing some creative shift trading at my job, I managed to get five days off, and I used my airline benefits to travel to California over the Columbus Day weekend. Since I don't have a laptop, blogging was not the first thing on my mind (although I did log onto the internet at one point to check my email and see how Magazine Man's recent trip went.)

While I was gone, I did think of a couple new things to blog about, as well as a new multi-part blog series. Per Thimbelle's recent suggestion to write about my work, I've decided to chronicle the different airlines I've worked at over the years. It won't be as long a series as my Hospital Chronicles, but it should be fun. Look for more updates this weekend!