Sunday, October 30, 2005

Minor Blog Updates

As those of you who have been visiting for a while may have noticed, I changed the weather sticker to a different provider, Intellicast. While I like the Weather Underground and I thought the Wisconsin state flag sticker looked cool, for some reason that image wasn't loading on my home computer, probably due to one of my various ad-blocking software settings. Also, Intellicast is a very good weather site (we use a pay version of their products where I work) so I don't mind giving them a free plug. Another good source of free weather information is the Weather Channel, but they have a few too many ads for my liking.

Speaking of free plugs, I have added a link to Sue Rabeaux's Cat Ranch in my links section. She lives in rural Louisiana and helps find new homes for abandoned animals, both cats and dogs. A link to her store is listed on her site, and I can testify that she makes very nice gift baskets, since I bought one for my Mom last year. All proceeds go towards animal care costs (food and veterinary expenses.) Whether you want to buy anything or not, though, it's an interesting site worth checking out.

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Sue said...

Thanks, Chuck! =^..^=