Saturday, September 03, 2005

This is what a bacosaurus is.

OK, I was going to include a pic on this one, but until I get permission, I'm going to just provide a link instead. A "bacosaurus" is a nickname for a particular type of airplane that I work with. It's a highly informal nickname, so I doubt anyone knows which plane I'm talking about, but I always thought it was a cool word.

The aircraft in question is no longer in production and the average age of our fleet is about 20 years old. It's a rather maintenance-intensive bird, but it does get into places that other passenger jets cannot due to it's design.

For my next series of posts, I am going to take some inspiration from Magazine Man and chronicle all of my hospital visits from birth up until the present. Other than birth, I remember all of them, including my visit at age two and a half.

I think the hardest parts of maintaining a blog are (1) regularly updating it and (2) thinking nobody is reading it. In my case, I know I have at least one reader, which helps inspire me with issue (1).


mar said...

There is another lurker/reader here. Probably only because my husband's company has a plant in Neenah.

So far it's interesting for a first timer. I think I'll stick around awhile and see how you do!

Chuck said...

Thanks for visiting, mar. It will probably be a little while before I catch up to the present, but look for some comments on Wisconsin culture at some point in the near future.

Gina said...

Hi, I was just browsing through some blogs and came across yours - I like your hospital chronicles. So, yeah, there are people reading, you just never know. Keep writing!

Chuck said...

Thanks for your comment, Gina! There are plenty more hospital tales to tell so be sure and check back soon.