Monday, September 12, 2005


One of my favorite bloggers, Magazine Man, has "tagged" me in a...what are they called, anyway, a meme? At any rate, since his encouragement is one of the main reasons I started actively blogging, I'll give it a shot...

10 years ago: I am working at my first airline job in the home state of both Magazine Man and Shane, and while I really like the area, I will be moving onto my second airline job in about 6 months due to pay issues and a desire to be closer to home (I grew up in Albuquerque, NM, and New Hampshire is a LONG ways away.) As one of my friends said, referring to the avaition industry, "We're all gypsies, in a way..." and that's kind of true. But I did like New Hampshire, since it's where I had my first apartment on my own and was really "living independently" other than my time in the Air Force a few years before that.

5 years ago: The year is 2000, and the world has survived Y2K without major incident. I have recently purchased my first (and only) house, and just had the back yard landscaped. Unfortunately, 9/11, along with some serious mismanagement, will make my old airline one of the business victims of 9/11 a little over two years from now. Aviation, gotta love it. On the positive side, due to the hot Vegas real estate market, I end up making out ok on my house when I finally sell it a little over a year later. My realtor did a top-notch job selling my place while I was living in Wisconsin, so he gets a free link and recommendation from me.

1 year ago: Not a whole lot has changed in the past year, although I have moved to a different apartment. I am still living in Wisconsin and working at the same job I had 12 months ago. A fair amount has happened in my personal life over the last year (my father passed away, and my mother may be selling the house where I grew up soon) but I think those issues are better addressed in a separate blog entry somewhere down the road.

Yesterday: On the 4-year anniversary of 9/11, I spent the day working an overtime shift at my new airline after being rudely awakened by my next-door neighbor. It was a fairly uneventful day, which in the aviation industry is almost always a good thing, even if it's not exciting.

OK, I know I'm breaking the tag rules here, but I don't really feel like finishing the rest of the questions or tagging anyone else, so there you have it.

(If you want to try this yourself, the remaining questions are: 5 songs you know all the words to, 5 favorite snacks, 5 things you'd do with $100 million, 5 places you'd run away to, 5 things you'd never wear, 5 favorite TV shows, 5 greatest joys, 5 favorite toys, and 5 people you're tagging.)

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