Friday, September 09, 2005

New Look

Still experimenting so I thought I'd try using a background image. Thoughts, anyone? If you like it, or can't stand it, or are neutral on the issue, please let me know. Sorry that I have word verication turned on for commenting but I was getting lots of spam without it. Hospital Chronicles will resume shortly...


AJ Gentile said...

I like the background image. As long as I can READ what's on the screen.

Some folks get a little too busy and it distracts from the writing.

I think this works just fine!

Chuck said...

Thanks for your opinion, AJ! And thanks for visiting.

Toni said...

Hi Chuck,

Thanks for commenting on my blog! My cousin was a navy man and was also stationed in Okinawa for a couple of years. I on the other hand, worked in Japan as an ESL teacher for adults.

To answer your question, I agree with aj gentile. The background does look nice, but you may want to use white colored text so that it really stands out from the blue.

BTW, I like cheese and I like sausage- though I don't like Denny's sausage. They are just nasty.

Chuck said...

Hey Toni, thanks for your comments. My old background was totally black so everything stood it is now, the main text is white, but not all of it. I may change that around once I figure out how to.