Tuesday, September 06, 2005

The Hospital Chronicles Part III: Driving Range Adventure

I've never been that interested in golf. However, my father was an avid golf fan, and before I was born, a regular player. He had stopped playing when I was very young due to back problems, but he did make a couple of attempts over the years to start golfing again, once when I was in middle school. One day when I was about 11, he took me and my friend Kurt to the driving range.

At one point while Dad was swinging his club I walked too close behind him and BAM! My left cheek met his backswing. He was using an iron at that point and it left a fairly good gash in my cheek...since it was a head wound, it bled like crazy. He took me to the emergency room right away where, since it wasn't a critical wound, I got to wait for about two hours before I saw a doctor. Kurt ended up hanging out in the waiting room the whole time, but he was a good friend and never complained about that later.

The doctor I ultimately saw turned out to be very good at doing stitches, for which I am thankful. What could have been a large scar on my cheek is barely noticeable today. He only used a few stitches but my regular doctor said it looked like work a plastic surgeon would have done when I got the stitches out.

I didn't always get along well with my father, growing up, but I do have to give him credit in this case...he didn't panic, or yell at me about how stupid I'd been for walking up behind him when he was swinging a golf club. I suppose he figured I'd learned my lesson well enough already...and while I haven't been on driving ranges much since then, I did learn to be more careful when I visit them.

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