Sunday, September 04, 2005

The Hospital Chronicles Part I: Birth

This was my first time in a hospital. Obviously, I don't remember a thing about it. From what my parents told me, Mom went into labor in the afternoon and I was born at about 8 PM on October 21, 1968. There were no complications with the delivery.

One anecdote from immediately after I came into this world...this was in the era before fathers were allowed into the delivery room. The doctor told my father it was a boy, and then the nurse came out holding me saying, "AND HERE HE IS!"....but they hadn't washed me off yet, so I was hardly the image of newborn cuteness at that point.

One other detail I've heard from the time when I was born...I have a half sister whose birthday is three days later than mine, on the 24th. My mother insisted on going home on the 24th from the hospital so she could attend my sister's ninth birthday party, even though her doctor wanted to keep her another day. Contrast that to today's medical care in which Congress had to get involved to make insurance companies pay for a 48 hour stay after childbirth.


Magazine Man said...

Good start Chuck! Keep em coming! I need something to read while I'm stuck in my sick-bed!

Chuck said...

MM - Thanks! Hope you're on the road to recovery. More hospital hijinks to continue...